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Busewe – Flippa Clone with the excellent front end features

Flippa Clone is used to create your own buy and sell auction websites marketplace software. You should also create your customized flippa clone script. Flippa Clone Script is actually similar to the marketplace script. Flippa clone is e-trade script with the purpose of selling online instant websites, domains, and software.

There are various powerful features of Flippa Clone Script:

1)      Sign up and login: User can sign up with email id, select user type and also sign up to email confirmation. Login with the email id, password, remember me, forgot a password.

2)      Homepage: user can view all type of features from buy and sell websites. Buy and sell website panel.

  • Buy and sell website: you can view the direct featured page through buy website button and also you can see vendor webs.
  • Promotional panel: you can view promotional panel with sign up, log in, and any other links to manage their panel as well.
  • Promotional video: you can view promotional video section and you can set up to any side in a home page.
  • Featured listing: you can view featured project with date listing, time end, a number of bids, current price.
  • New listing: you can view the new listing with new bids, date listing, time end, and a number of bids.
  • Most active listing: you can view the most active listing which you can view active bid and inactive bid, current activate bids.
  • Price page listing: you can view high level, medium level, and entry level price page listing.
  • Ending soon listing: you can view latest bids will progress in ending.
  • Just sold listing: user can view just sold listing with a domain name, profile title and price as well.
  • Browse: user can browse your website by type, implementation, niche, monetization, browse category in all field which represents area tag, open, closed, buyer watching, clearance rate, median sale.
  • Latest bidder listing: user can search and view latest bids listing with bid listing name, price, bids etc.
  • Testimonials panel: user can view latest testimonials with the number of listings open now, number of bids last 7 days, total sales in last 7 days, percentage of sold websites in last 3 months, total overall sales.

Busewe - Flippa Clone

3)      User Dashboard: user can view your own dashboard with many features and facilities.

Account setting: user can set your own account settings like upload profile picture, edit personal information, email preferences, and change the password.

Identity verification: user can verify their phone number, verified credit card, connected to social networking websites like LinkedIn, twitter and Facebook.

Watch list: user can watch the listing about bidding, which is also; represent watched tags, watched sellers as well.

Activity feed: user can also create their bids on your auction.

Produced auction: user can manage their account whole activity with an overview. And also delete the draft.

Payment by credit card: user can also pay all website by credit card. And also view the credit card details.

Seller bank wire payment: user can view seller’s username, website name, price in any currency, status about a website, transaction detail, discuss, date, and download invoice.

Buyer bank wire payment: User can view buyer’s username, website name, price in any currency, status about a website, transaction detail, discuss, date, and download invoice.

History: User can also view their all activity like what is search in the whole website.

Bids: user can create your own bids and manage it as well.

Offer: offers are created on your own auction.

Listings: User can communicate with buyers any time and manage to the attachment, manage to bidding, delete the auction drafts, edit to the listings, add the google or any analytics status.

4)      Message Box: User can view in inbox delete the sender, subject, received and same option you should view in sent box.


5)      Search Module: User can search by keyword, advanced search, search page result, listing detail, sort by the date listed, closing date, a number of bids, current prices and same filter by revenue, visitors, domain, age. Also, a user can view their saved search, save the search and RSS feed.


6)      Add new listing: User can enter listing name, add verified google analytics stats, start my listing, basic listing settings, description, set the site age, view financial details, set to the bidding options, traffic figures, verify ownership, Adsense revenue verification, content or unique design, monetization method, tags to your listing, making bid, social sharing bookmarks, view the page rank or google, rank on Alexa.


7)      Multi-currency: User can also pay and switch the currency option as per user requirements.

Flippa Clone Script by NCrypted Websites is available with both completely tailored Websites Marketplace Script as well as expedient Flippa PHP Script. Inexpedient Flippa Clone Script you can make any necessary changes afterward, it also allows website owners to build modified as per their requirements at reasonable cost. NCrypted Websites is ahead in the list of Website Clone suppliers.

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