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Top 5 ways Flippa clone can improve your Start-up

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Nowadays, the trend of buying and selling of websites with a variety of online tools or facility is in the rise, and one such tool or website is Flippa. Flippa provides an online platform which will act as a marketplace where several businesses will be able to buy and sell their websites to various buyers present across the globe. So, if you are willing to jump-start your own start-up in the field of buying and selling of websites as an entrepreneur, then our Flippa clone is the perfect solution for you. You need to consider the following five ways in order to increase or give a boost-start to your business with the help of this marketplace script.

More content which can attract Buyers

         In order to increase the traffic of buyers to the site, your users will use the search facility of the Flippa clone script. As many buyers will use the search function to narrow down a variety of listings as per their selected preferences and filters the list of sites they want to buy. You can allow sellers to add more precise and detailed content or description which will contain various descriptive words as well as proper use of keywords with the help of advanced tools of this marketplace PHP script. So, in order to take advantage of the site’s search traffic, sellers will provide plenty of descriptive words and use keywords properly in their auction.

Add Comments on auction regularly

People will explore auctions that are trending and popular. Usually, these trending auctions include multiple numbers of bids. So with this PHP marketplace, sellers will be able to add further comments in order to explain their several auctions in detail. As an auction will receive a number of comments, then there are more chances that it becomes visible on search results. And several buyers will check out the auction if it is getting numerous comments. This will definitely help you in improving your overall customer engagement to your business.        

Multiple auctions for better visibility 

     This is another way for you to increase the customer traffic on your start-up as an entrepreneur in the field of buying and selling the website industry. Have you ever wonder how sellers with multiple auctions will have a huge response? Because the list or run multiple auctions at the same time and execute cross-promoting of auctions indirectly.

So, by using this PHP marketplace script, you can introduce the latest facility to your users, which will help them to execute multiple auctions in order to gain more visibility to potential buyers globally. So, if one auction gets more traffic than another, then your users can transfer traffic from one to another through several comments and views to their profile with the use of the Flippa clone script. 

Latest featured listings which will increase views 

             Now another parameter you have to take into consideration is the featured listings of several websites. You can use our Flippa clone, which will fulfill your requirement of getting more views from several buyers across the globe. Sellers will sell a variety of websites using this marketplace PHP script, and they will list their websites within last 24 hours of time-interval, then it will draw various buyers on the first page to their auction. Additionally, listing several auctions in the latest time-interval such as last hours and minutes will improve the traffic of buyers and customer views. Sellers will receive a number of views in last 24 hours time -interval, and in this way, featured listings will heavily increase views of buyers at a particular time interval. 

Feature one listing and add others simultaneously 

   You can introduce the latest technology which will allow sellers to add various new listings at the same time interval featuring another by using Flippa Clone. This ultimately gives an added value to their featured listing and earn more profit with the help of cross-promotion. So, if sellers will add many more feature listings simultaneously one after another, then they will get a number of views which will indirectly help in the growth of your venture worldwide.

So, here we conclude our discussion on various ways which will help you to improve your start-up using Flippa clone script. Here, at Ncrypted websites, you will get a variety of marketplace script according to your preferences. Also, you can find a wide range of clone scripts which is developed by experienced and professional developers. Our website clones or clone scripts are customizable so you can customize it as per your niche needs and requirements. For in-detailed discussion about your various requirements, you can contact directly to our 24/7 customer support at Ncrypted websites.


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