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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Busewe a Flippa Clone?

Busewe (Buy Sell Web) is an innovative Flippa Clone developed by NCrypted that permits making your own website marketplace wherever individuals should purchase and sell websites. And you will earn money on each selling or buying of website.


Success trend of Flippa Clone?

The greatest fact of success trend of Flippa Clone is online selling and buying is the complete absence of time obligation and geographical limits.


Why should you use Busewe a Flippa Clone?

Because Busewe provide offers integral income options to startup your earnings from the first day of launch your Flippa Clone Script and also it’s provides splendid features which help your website to function like flippa.


Advantages of Busewe a Flippa Clone?

Create your own buying and selling websites in huge marketplace, make money, Free Advertising and many more advantages from Busewe a Flippa Clone.


Benefits of Busewe a Flippa Clone?

There are many benefits of Busewe (buy and sell website) like Thousands of Quality Websites to Choose, Thousands of Buyers using Flippa each and every day, No Reserve auctions can save you big money, Select No Reserve if you are looking for a sure price, Buyer and Seller Response make sure fast and relaxed transactions!


Business verticals of Busewe?

Busewe product can be customized on the idea of visible and invisible merchandise and services. Products may be classified as touchable merchandise and insubstantial merchandise website. Touchable merchandise website will act as any e-commerce site like eBay Clone, Alibaba Clone, etc. and insubstantial will embrace buying and selling of websites. So during this method we are able to merge 2 totally different platforms and business concepts to induce you your very own distinctive website.


Revenue models of Busewe a Flippa Clone?

There are two types of revenue models different revenue models Commission based and Different Listing Fees for user to list a website/domain for sale.


How to make money using Busewe a Flippa Clone?

There are many ways to make a money using Flippa Clone. Here are some guidelines for the same like know your limits with money and time, know what sites will grow, where to find websites for sale, How to behavior quick payable carefulness, making the right offer etc…


Important tips for launching your own Busewe a Flippa Clone website?

If you launching your website in market then must be aware for this tips like lots of content, comment on your auction regularly, lots of auctions, attention to detail, transparency as a differentiation, stop over selling etc..


What payment methods are accepted?

The default payment gateway on our site accepts Paypal and Credit Card payments via Paypal gateway. Please Contact Us in case you choose to pay through other payment methods.