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Busewe – Flippa Clone with the powerful admin features

Create your particular online buying and selling websites with NCrypted Websites’ Websites Marketplace Software created with a point of view to minimize the bother accomplished in taking care of an auction marketplace comprising of various buyers/sellers. It holds only composed dashboard for sellers through which they can get to think about their business, requests, top selling products and much more understated fundamentals which will help in enhancing their business.

Busewe - Flippa Clone

There are various powerful User admin features of Websites Marketplace Software(Busewe) that you can create your customized Flippa Clone

  • Change password: You should create an account and also generate a password. Admin can also change a password in the admin panel.
  • Manage Users: admin can manage a list of users, add users, delete users, and also displayed and status for approve or disapprove users.
  • Manage Tags: Admin can manage tag names list, tag description list and also edit the tags.
  • Manage sub-tags: Admin can manage tag names list, tag description list, edit all tags, delete all tags, and add all tags.
  • Manage abuse reports: Admin can manage a list of users, delete the users, website name, and give the reply to the user.
  • Manage abuse words: Admin can manage and edit abuse words.
  • Manage Social Media: Admin can manage social media with index, list of social websites, status for approve and disapprove for comment, like status, and many other rights.
  • Manage newsletter: Admin can manage newsletter ID, newsletter name, edit newsletter, delete any newsletter, send mail to your users, visitors and other and add to the new newsletter.
  • Manage Comment: Admin can manage manually approved comments; auto approved a comment, edit all comments, delete to the comments, approve and disapproved comment status.
  • Manage Auction: Admin can manage a list of websites, delete the websites, approve or disapprove some websites.
  • Manage content: Admin can manage the content, edit the content of the module, and view the content.
  • Manage stats: Admin can manage statistical data on bases on end and the start date.
  • Manage conversation: Admin can view a conversation between users.
  • Manage FAQ: Admin can manage FAQ category in this also edit and add a new FAQ category, edit the each category, and also delete to the FAQ and category as well. In FAQ question also add FAQ question, edit the FAQ question, and delete the FAQ.
  • Manage Payments: Admin can manage bank wire Escrow in this list of request, status for approve and disapprove the bank wire Escrow payment, delete the bank wire Escrow. Manage a commission and commission fees. Admin can also manage escrow payment for the list of request, status for approving and disapprove Escrow payment, delete the Escrow payment.
  • Manage auction’s payment: Admin can manage the list of auction’s payments.


NCrypted Websites – Flippa Clone Script has not basically in number here your site a creative get to be noticeable, they likewise help you to acquire arranged with devices and advances, which protect you in collect to changes to the explanation or costs in a proceeding with an association.

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