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Global Video Conferencing Market Trends And Demand in Education Industry

Video conferencing platform  (VC) is a major part of doing business in the 21st century. It facilitates visual communication with clients and colleagues anywhere and anytime. Moreover, a video call can save energy, money, and reduce environmental impact in some surprising (but significant) ways. With all the benefits, an increasing number of businesses adopt online meetings as their go-to mode of communication.

Video conferencing in previous years has been limited by high costs and network latency. However, this is no longer the case as more meetings are taking place virtually rather than in physical locations. Simply put, face-to-face meetings are slowly becoming a thing of the past.

Initially, video conferencing was used to reduce travel costs. Now, the benefits are more far-reaching as online communication tools are expanding. Working together has never been easier, and greater knowledge of the benefits that come along with it is fueling the growth of remote collaboration. The promise of video conferencing software is to:

  • Improve communication
  • Enhance business relationships
  • Optimize meetings
  • Drive employee satisfaction
  • Give competitive edge

2020: Coronavirus pandemic and video conferencing boom

The COVID-19 lockdown forced a large percentage of Americans to work from home, and for their kids to attend school online. This led to a boom across the board for all video products, as many schools and businesses purchased video conferencing tools to keep people connected from home.

In 2020, the uncertainties downloaded on us, and we have to deal with intricacy, where the WHO advised people to keep a social distance from one another. The COVID-19 affected human life and pushed the global population and businesses to apply WFH policy.
A liveliness in the meetings can experience by the video call and impacts well over the conversation. Thus, corporate employees and businesses arrange meetings on video conference calls. It opens enforcing ways in the market for video conferencing apps like Zoom.
Video conferencing software and video chat applications have seen a large wave in demand due to the pandemic. In March, video conferencing apps saw a record 62 million downloads. Much of the growth is due to increasing adoption of platforms like Google Hangouts Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom as businesses switched to remote working to limit the virus spread.
Zoom the most downloaded video conferencing app globally in February and March, and it continues to see a high number of downloads across the US, EU and UK.
Recently, build a video chat app is the best idea to accumulate and make a success key for your business. You are thinking right for launching your own video conferencing app. Let us get into the complete outline on how to build a conference app like Zoom. You will know why you need to develop video chat apps, features and development cost.

benefits of video conferencing to education industry

1. Optimizes curriculum

A class within a classroom is limited to a classroom. Just try to remember how much practical knowledge have you got from people and organizations that are implementing in the real world what you are just memorizing. Earlier, such privileges were limited to the students of elite schools. But not anymore.

With video conferencing software, any student can enter the world practicality and ditch the limitations (and boredom) of theory. This kind of exposures in the curriculum is not only easy to remember, but also more valuable. And thus, preparing them for a better tomorrow.

2. Exposes us to a worldwide reach

The number of students that can be accommodated in a real classroom is limited. But there is no such boundary in the internet world. Any number of students can attend your class with no hitch whatsoever, given they have good internet access.

This doesn’t just spread the brand name but also increases the revenue. Let’s say your school’s classroom has a capacity of 40 students and some other school’s online classroom is joined by 160 students. Even if they charge half the amount you charge, it will take you twice the amount of energy and time to generate the same earnings as theirs.

3. Promotes collaboration of cultures

Physical presence is limited just to where we are but virtually, we can be anywhere and meet any person in the world. Since education through video conferencing has a worldwide reach, it promotes the collaboration of various cultures with a common goal of learning.

Cultural collaboration gives students the better view of the world we live in, making them aware of the new mindsets, methods, and practices.

4. Better learning opportunities

In our school days, wasn’t it the most boring thing to concentrate on the blackboard and listening to the complex concepts, resulting in snoozing with our eyes open? But with video conferencing, the same complexities can be eased by integrating interesting charts, graphs, presentations, and videos.

Science has proven that we recall much more of what we see than what we hear or read (we hope you recall this!). But the traditional way of learning doesn’t seem to take advantage of this finding and sticks to the old “listen-the-lecture” method.

5. Respects everyone’s learning capacity

Some students are fast learners and some are more inclined to take up time. There is nothing wrong with it but the traditional method doesn’t seem to respect the slow learners.

With the video conferencing method you can record your lecture, thus a student can watch it as many times and at any time as per his convenience. Not to mention that it also lessens the need for extra lectures, saving the teachers their time and energy.

6. Less wastage of time

The time needed for commuting to school made us sacrifice our dreams every morning. But what if we can magically reach the classroom directly? What if we say yes you can? With the modern method of learning, you can save a lot of your time (and resources) that were previously dedicated to commuting.

There is more! Recall your school memory. Most of the lecture’s time was wasted for silencing the backbenchers. Wasn’t it? But video conferencing ensures that only interested students are participating in the class.

7. Be able to market your school better

Demo classes can be used to understand a teacher’s skills and the school’s credibility better. But traditional demo classes attract only a handful of students. With video conferencing, you can do free introductory lectures for anyone in the world to attend at their convenience.

This helps in marketing your school in a better way and thus giving you a much wider reach.


Video chatting left a touchstone for each one. It is not limited to corporate or educational demand, but ordinary people need too! During the quarantine period, video chatting apps have become a bridge to connect people virtually.
Thus, it has tremendous benefits to corporate, educational institutes, and individuals, it can create more detailed, attractive apps and place it in the market. Do you have a unique concept? Make a conversation with experienced application development consultants in case you need to develop video conferencing software.

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